Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wayland Winter Farmer's Market

It has been exactly a year since the first Wayland Winter Farmer's Market, which I eagerly attended last January. The growth and expansion of the winter market in only a year is pretty amazing. Last year there was a good variety of vendors and a few options for fresh food. This year it seems like there are 10 or 12 additional vendors, a whole part of the greenhouse at Russell's Garden Center on Route 20 in Wayland, MA was converted into a pop-up food court with a variety of vendors offering prepared foods. Aid the plants small tables seating 2-4 people had been set up. The variety of prepared foods was surprising, I will be showing up with an appetite next time!
In terms of vendors I saw a variety of meats, fish, cheeses, produce, granola, honey and baked goods as well as specialty products like maple products, sauces, pickles, pasta and wool. Saturday was one of the Wool days at the market, which featured 9 additional farms that sold a variety of wool products. The over 30 vendors can be found at the Russell's Garden Center website.
This was my first trip to a winter farmers market this season and was amazed and proud of how much great local food is available year round in this area. I easily could have filled the cabinets and refrigerator until they were ready to burst!
Here is the haul I brought home with me:

Carrots, Butternut Squash, Radish, Salad Greens, and popcorn cobs from Red Fire Farm Granby, MA

Potatoes from Springdell Farm Littleton, MA

Pickles (full sour) from A1 Pickle Company Dartmouth, MA (2 of their pickles, including the pucker pickles I purhcased won 1st prize at the Topsfield Fair this past fall. I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with owner Ed Alberto at the Farmers Market and he was an absolute delight!)

Cheese from West River Creamery of Londonderry, VT. The cheese is 'Herdsman's Cream' a raw milk cheese that isn't currently listed on their website.

Maple Syrup from The Warren Farm and Sugarhouse in North Brookfield, MA

I also picked up 1 non-local item: 2 packets of sprout seeds!


Robin said...

Oh, how nice! I wish that we had a winter farmer's market here. We do have a very nice one that is open from May to Thanksgiving.

I just love your new layout!!

Daphne said...

They were going to put in a winter farmers market in Sommerville, but it didn't seem to happen. Too bad.

Fred said...

That is so not true Daphne!!!
The Somerville winter farmers market is at the Armory on Saturday mornings fro 10-2!! I haven't been yet but I hear its pretty great, I hope to check it out soon!