Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dark Days Update #10: Salad & Foccacia Sandwhich

Sunday nights Dark Days Challenge meal brought me back to the height of summer. No fancy recipes or crazy planning. We picked up a container of salad greens, a beet, and mozzarella cheese at the Somerville Farmers Market. Dinner was nearly complete!
Our dinner was a simple salad of mixed greens & roasted beets along with a pesto and mozzarella sandwich on homemade focaccia with roasted red peppers in oil. I made the focaccia using local flour. The pesto was made this summer with the abundance of Basil I harvested and the roasted red peppers in oil were a gift from a family friend who made them with fresh peppers this summer.
Local Ingredients in the salad & focaccia sandwiches:
Salad Greens (NorthStar Farms), Beets (Winter Moon Farm), Flour (King Arthur Flour), Mozzarella (Fiore Di Nonno), Pesto (My Garden, made this summer), Roasted Red Pepper (Family Friend, made with fresh peppers this summer)


meemsnyc said...

Oooh homemade focaccia! Could you share the recipe?

Fred said...

check your mail ms. meems :-)