Sunday, June 5, 2011

Chive Blossoms

We harvested more chives this week, specifically those with open blossoms. I wanted to make a small batch of chive blossom vinegar. Unfortunately my choice of jar was small, and the chive blossoms were a little cramped:
It would have been better if this plan wasn't spur of the moment, all we had on hand was distilled white vinegar and cider. I went with the cider option producing an interesting mix of colors:
The remaining chive blossoms that come from the garden will find their way into various salads.
Do you eat your chive blossoms or use them for anything??


henbogle said...

Chive blossoms are delicious in salads and cheese sandwiches :-)

PS, the word verification word is "juntater" I wish I were getting some June taters!

Fred said...

Henbogle- Putting them in cheese sandwiches sounds great! We put them in salads, but we had so many at once this year that I wanted to use them and this was a simple easy way!
I wish I was getting any taters this year! After last year when most were dug up by voles i'm not growing potatoes until I have some real space for them.