Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Signs of things to come

The garden has quickly transitioned from waking up to promising future delights. While weeding on Sunday I snapped a few pictures.
Our first 2 tomatoes made their presence known! Almost 2 weeks before I spotted one last year these 2 tomatoes can be found on one of the Cherokee Purple's that Gail picked out!
Not to be out done 3 bell peppers have already set fruit as well! Hopefully the cubanelle and jalapeƱos won't be terribly far behind!
Some of the summer (hopefully) lettuce is finally out competing the weeds as well. Here's a nice shot of some Red Cross butterhead that is reaching for the sky.
Finally, a nice pink rose, after all it's not ALL about food, just mostly.


Daphne said...

I noticed I had my first two tomatoes forming too this morning. They are very tiny right now. It always takes them so long to grow and turn red, or brown, or orange, depending.

She who cooks... said...

we have a bunch of little tomatoes growing....your bell peppers are WAY ahead of ours, w.ours not really bearing fruit yet, rather they are just about to pop out.... :) good stuff!