Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pest & Critter Control!

We've had an invasion of pests and critters in the Fens lately.
First my bush beans, pole beans, and mini-zucchini got ravaged by some rabbits. The bush beans got it so bad that I pulled them. The pole beans look to be slowly recovering, and so is the zucchini hopefully. Then the tomato plants had white and green aphids as well as some other bugs that were having their way.
It was long past sitting and hoping. We had to take some action!! First off I've been closely inspecting each tomato plant leaf by leaf and wiping the bugs off as I spot them, then Gail brewed up some natural insect protection:
The above is a jar of tea brewed from cayenne pepper, raw onion, and water that we let sit for a few days to really soak in (and get stinky!). We sprayed it on the vulnerable plants last week and the zucchini began to recover. Hopefully the stink will keep the pesky rabbits away!!

What natural pest control methods do you use??


meemsnyc said...

This looks like an awesome solution. Could you share the recipe? Does this get rid of aphids? We have that problem here too.

Anonymous said...

Just diligent picking. Had some "organic" potassium salt spray, but I don't like the idea of spraying salt on my plants.

Out of curiosity, how's the spray working now?