Sunday, November 27, 2011

November 2011... In Review

A best of what I read, looked at, watched, and listened to during the past month.
Diary of a Very Bad Year: confessions of an anonymous hedge fund manager
Lucky Peach Issue # 1
Eat Local, All Year Long - Handcrafted with Altitude
The Ultimate Hunger Games - McSweeneys
Amazingly detailed and astounding chart about Money - XKCD web-comic

St. Germain - Tourist
Ella Fitzergald & Duke Ellington - Ella and Duke at the Cote D'Azur
Girl on  Guy with Neil Fallon of Clutch
Grateful Dead - 1/17/70 Springers Inn Portland, OR

Childish Gambino - Camp
Warren Ellis - SPEKTERMODULE 01

The Botany of Desire - PBS

Up Close and Personal with Kermit the Frog via  The Nerdist

what did you read, listen to, or watch that was particularly good this month??

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