Monday, November 28, 2011

SoWa Winter Market 11/27

Despite some unusually balmy weather Gail and I took a trip to the SoWa Winter Market yesterday morning. There were lots of smiling faces from vendors and customers a like, probably a result of the warm temperatures and the abundance of great samples at the market! Gail and I went with a vague notion of what we might want to bring home and left with a few bags full of goodies!!
Here is a breakdown of all the awesome stuff we took home:
Eggs and pears from Springbrook Farm. Bacon & chicken breast from John Crow Farm, pickles & pickled golden beets from Grillo's Pickles. Seeded whole grain bread from When Pigs Fly. Potatoes, hot peppers and cherry tomatoes (greenhouse grown) from Potager Farm/Gilson's Herb Lyceum. Stuffed grape leaves and baba gannoush from Samira's Homemade, 2 different local pasta's: kale & currant ravioli from Nella Pasta as well as spinach fettuccine from Valicenti Organico, a dark chocolate and ancho chile pesto from Pestos with Panache, and a bag of medium bodied very recently roasted coffee from Captain's Coffee Brewers.
With such great variety along with some of what we grabbed last week in Somerville we are certainly ready for the start of the Dark Days Challenge which is officially underway!
A great variety of products from all over Massachusetts! What was really great was the lengthy conversations we were able to have with many of the vendors, even those who we didn't purchase from were willing to chat with us about their production methods or where they source their ingredients. Definitely educational and fun!
Another feature of the SoWa Market that makes it worth the trip is they have a variety of food trucks park at the location of their summer market down the street! Their slightly small but enjoyable vintage market is also open in conjunction with the food trucks and winter market. We were able to get a quick meal, a few records, and all the great local food in one trip!!

Have you been enjoying any local foods lately??

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