Friday, November 4, 2011

Resurrecting Sourdough Starter

My sourdough starer has been sitting the back of the fridge, totally neglected since spring. While I garden I don't bake much because I am too busy outside!... It had been a while since I thought about the starter in it's beautiful ceramic container. It's gotten much cooler and I'm back to baking. It was time to raise the starter from the dead!
From this...
No problems! I poured of a little of the liquid, stirred up the starter in a bowl, added some lukewarm water and flour and let the starter sit for 10 hours. By then it was quite bubbly and active and had a nice tangy smell. Not wanting to waste the 'discard' before I re fed the starter I pulled up this basic and easy recipe from King Arthur Flour. The bread had a light tang and wasn't too dense, as I stuck on the lighter side of the required flour.

... to this!

The purpose of resurrecting the starter was to make a true sourdough or something equally delicious, which is what is on deck for the weekend.  
Are you doing more baking now that it's fall??


bcbeaveratheart said...

I just came across you blog today for the first time, and I love it! Just wondering if you could tell me....I have never made starter and want to know what I need to make some. Do you have any advice for this newbie?

Fred said...

Hi Robyn,
I just sent you an email with the details of my King Arthur starter as well as trying to catch my own.