Saturday, December 3, 2011

December 2011... in progress

December 2011... in progress
11/2 - 12/3
Second Nature - Michael Pollan
Diary of a very Bad Year: confessions of an anonymous hedge fund manager
New York Food Issue (particularly articles about rene redzepi and growing coffee)
These May Be The droids Farmers are Looking For-
What was on the menu at the first thanksgiving? - Smithsonian Mag
Archaeologists find royal kitchen at ancient mayan city of kabah - Digital Journal
Back to the Future: A road map for tomorrow's cities - Orion Magazine

glancing at:
twitter, seed catalogs,

listening to:
Joe Rogan Experience with Bert Kriescher
Joe Rogan Experience with  Daniele Bolelli
Girl on Guy podcast with Tom Morello
Itunes U Standford University - Ben Franklin and the World of the Enlightenment
Sustainability is Served - WGBH

moe. 1/6/2011 Punta Cana, Dominican Republic DVD
Modern Marvels - the 80s
The Simpsons - The Book Job (w. Neil Gaiman)

winter markets, birthdays, wedding

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