Monday, December 5, 2011

Somerville Winter Farmers Market 12/3

Gail and I took a trip to the Somerville Winter Market on Saturday and came home with a relatively small haul:
Turnips, napa cabbage, & (huge)red Russian kale from Heron Pond Farm.
Butternut squash & carrots from NorthStar Farm.
Onions & eggplant from Enterprise Farm (the eggplant was from FL as part of the east coast food shed they use to supply non local products in the colder months)
Daikon & watermelon radishes from Wintermoon Farm (i think)
Cheddar cheese from Smith's Farmstead via the Foxboro Cheese Co.
Boneless sirloin steak from Stillman's Farm

As I said it isn't a huge haul but there is enough variety and potential for all sorts of great stuff!

We chatted up a few of the specialty food vendors including an older Asian couple that was sampling a variety of sweet and savory treats that they had made. The pickled jalapenos were delicious and had some great residual heat that had me licking my lips and wanting more!

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