Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy [insert wintertime holiday of your choice]!

Blatantly taken from a google image search
Here at Grown Away we celebrate Hanukkah, which began Tuesday night at sundown, though Gail and I exchanged gifts earlier in the month. Regardless of what holiday you choose to celebrate the most important part of the 'holiday season' is spending time with your friends and loved ones. We will be seeing Gail's sister and brother in-law on christmas day, as well as both of our families early next week. We are blessed to live close to both of our families which allows us to see them fairly regularly.
To all my readers I hope you enjoy your various holiday celebrations! Drink and Eat Well! Be thankful and happy for what we have and the great people around us!

In terms of gift giving Gail and I kept it pretty simple this year. She gave me BBC's Life & Planet Earth on DVD and I gave her a enamel pitcher (perfect for sangria) and a mix batch of popcorn from The Popcorn Factor in a festive holiday tin!

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Daphne said...

Happy Hanukkah! We celebrate everything here as we are a mixed family.