Monday, December 26, 2011

Somerville Winter Market & Taza Factory Store 12/24

I know last week's trip to the SoWa Winter Market seemed like our last market trip of the year but our schedule's were clear so Gail and I took a quick trip to the Somerville Market on Christmas Eve. Following the market we took a stopped in to the Taza Chocolate factory store where we picked up a few goodies that re factory store exclusive!
Here's the rundown of what we got at the Somerville Winter Market:
Sweet Italian Sausage from Stillman's Farm
Milk from Shaw Farm
Apples from Apex Orchards & Cider from Pine Hill Orchards (via Apex Orchards)
A loaf of Light Rye bread from Big Sky Bread
Carrots & radishes from Wintermoon Farm.
Fresh mozzarella from Fiore Di Nonno, and on our way home we also stopped at the market and picked up a small block of cheddar cheese from Grafton Village.
After our time at the market we headed over to the Taza Chocolate factory store. Unfortunately we weren't able to fit a factory tour into our schedule but we did enjoy sampling many of the great products including some factory store exclusives! We even brought home some goodies: a can of chocolate covered cashews, a can of chocolate covered golden berries (factory store only), orange flavored chocolate mexicano discs, and a small bag of chocolate covered ginger (factory store only). It seems like a lot of chocolate, but we will nibble here and there for a while on this supply. Plus, I really love Taza chocolate so if I am going to splurge on a treat for myself it will be on something I really enjoy!

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