Saturday, January 21, 2012

2012 In Progress (January)

Horns - Joe Hill
Italy allows Unesco into Pompeii - The Art Newspaper 
Ommegang fears drilling could pollute its water - Washington Post Lifestyle Blog . The Ommegang Brewery is very close to where Gail and I attended college. I am a big fan of their beer and am proud to see how much they have grown in the 10+ years I have been aware of them

Colony: No Bees. No Honey. No Work. No Money -

listening to:
WTF with Marc Marcon # 245 - Todd Glass - Mr. Glass publicly comes out of the closet on this episode and explains how much difficulty he had with the decision
The Man Who Studies The Fungus Among Us - NPR

coffee we are drinking this week:
This week we have been enjoying the Texas Coffee Traders Organic Market Blend that Jess sent me as part of the Austin to Boston Food Swap. This was a deceptively smooth blend. The beans, whole and when ground had the odor of a bold dark roast but the taste was far more subtle with floral and citrus notes. Just for the 'not as dark as you thought' surprise this was great!


GrafixMuse said...

I just "discovered" Joe Hill and finished his first novel, Heart Shaped Box. I just started Horns last evening.

Fred said...

Right after you left this comment I sat down and read the last 90-100 pages of Horns. It was a really good read, I hope you enjoy it!!

Gail said...

How are his other books?