Wednesday, January 11, 2012

National Hot Toddy Day!

Today, January 11th is National Hot Toddy Day!!
I will be using the more robust Crown Royal Black
for my Hot Toddy tonight!
A hot toddy is a drink, made with honey, lemon, sometimes spirits (typically whiskey, brandy, rum, etc) and a hot beverage (water, tea, cider) mixed together and garnished with a stick of cinnamon.

I will be making my preferred variation. I find the various Crown Royal blended whisky's to suit this beverage perfectly. For this recipe I am using Crown Royal Black which has a darker fuller flavor then some of their other offerings.
Fred's Warm 'n Fuzzy Hot Toddy
1 - 2  oz Crown Royal Black (the black has a more robust and dark flavor)
 2 tsp honey
1 small lemon wedge
8 oz hot mulled cider
cinnamon stick for garnish

Warm cider in pan with mulling spices. While cider is warming up you can add your honey, spirit of choice, and lemon wedge to a mug. Once cider is ready pour into mug, stir until mixed well. Garnish with a cinnamon stick and enjoy a perfect cocktail for a cold afternoon/evening.

How do you prefer your Hot Toddy? What other drinks (with or without alcohol) do you like on a chill-you-to-the-bone kind of day?

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