Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pompeii & Food

Last weekend Gail and I visited the wonderful Museum of Science here in Boston to see their beehive, an exhibit on what people eat (more on that later) and an exhibit showcasing objects and artifacts from the ruins of Pompeii. Among the dozens of objects, trinkets, toys, and casts there was an astonishing amount of food related items.
Portable and stationary ovens, an ancient barbecue, cooking pots and pans, wine and water jugs, a replica of a produce scale, a cast of a pig, cooking tools, and carbonized food were among the countless items we saw that provided a glimpse into the daily eating habits of Pompeii's residents. I managed to snap a few pics on my phone and wanted to share some. You can read the placards in a few otherwise I've added my own comments in the captions!
Replica of a produce scale. The 2 metal plates are original.
Found at a farm on the outskirts of Pompeii
Millstone made from lava rock
Ancient fava beans! Behind the beans
is carbonized fish paste (blech!)  
For their deliciousness figs (fresh or dried)
are a valued foodstuff in my belly!
This bronze skillet is awesome. I want one. It is perfect
for single portions & the shallow rim is designed for the
food to slide of easily.
The exhibit was really interesting and aside from the food parts provided an excellent glimpse into the life of Pompeii's residents, from the upper crust to prisoner's and slaves. The traveling exhibition leaves Boston in February 2012. If it makes a stop near you it is certainly worth checking out.


She who cooks... said...

that is just amazing...I hope we can get there before the exhibit is over!!

Fred said...

It was so awesome Sharon!!! Better hurry though, I think the exhibit is done after Feb 12 2012!!