Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2012 Seed Order

This past weekend I did one final check of my seed list, continued working on the growing plan for the upcoming 2012 season, and ordered some seeds to supplement what I already had. After looking around and debating where to order seed from I decided to go with High Mowing Organic Seeds of Wolcott, Vermont.

The order was nothing spectacular as we have more then enough seed for most of what we want to grow. I ordered:
Yankee Salad Mix
Purple Osaka Mustard Greens
Siberian Kale
Darki Triple Curled Parsley
Genovese Basil

That's it! The remainder of the seeds will come from what I've already got stored away in my personal seed bank as well as the random impulse seed purchase I may be susceptible too on occasion. We also have 4 packets of seed coming in each month courtesy of the Seed of the Month Club which is a great way to increase my personal seed collection. As usually I will be buying pepper and tomato starters from a local source, but plan to start the remainder of what we grow from seed, again this is subject to the occasional impulse purchase (last year it was huckleberries).

Have you ordered your seed? How for along is your planning/growing for the 2012 season??

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meemsnyc said...

Do you like the seed of the month club? I tried my best to not buy any more seeds this year. I have too many!