Friday, July 9, 2010

Grown Away on the Radio!!!!

Last Wednesday I mentioned I had been interviewed by my local NPR affiliate's afternoon program Radio Boston. The story on the Fenway Victory Gardens aired this afternoon. It featured Mike Mennonno, a fellow gardener who has a gorgeous plot full of flowers and bee's, Meg Muckenhoupt author of Boston's Gardens & Green Spaces, and yours truly!!!

You can CLICK HERE to find the story. Click the listen now button once you open the link. The story is a little over 8 minutes long and I am in the last 3 minutes.

Feel free to pass this along to anybody who may find it interesting!


Annie's Granny said...

A full time organic gardener? Way to go!!!

thyme2garden said...

Five year waiting list? Wow. What you're doing is really cool! And when you become a full-time organic gardener, we can all say "we knew him when..." :)

thyme2garden said...

One more thing. 87 tomatoes? Wow, I'm so envious!